Portfolio > Where We No Longer Gather: Liberty Memorial, Penn Valley Park and Public Queer Looks

During the 80s thru mid-90s I can recall a very different memorial - a queer space defined by the movements and looks that only a body of queer people can conjure. Mostly men, the men stood in cuff with one another, moving, talking, smiling and communing on multiple fronts. The circle drive was a very charged space if not solely for the monument itself but because of the queer bodies that occupied that public space. As an adult I try to recall these visits in an effort to remember the community before me. The space is no longer what it was; it is new - with new stories to be told. This project is an attempt at an unrecorded document of a community that no longer gathers. If you are a queer identified individual and would like to be photographed and included in this new document of a former community then feel free to message me. I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces!

Anthony Marcos Rea
August 2015